2021-06-03 - Join us next week at Africa's Primary & Secondary Education Virtual Exchange

The eLearning Africa Primary and Secondary Education Virtual Exchange will start next Monday on June 7 and will be accessible until Sunday, June 13 allowing you enough time despite your busy work schedule to log on to the platform at any time throughout the day from the early morning until late in the evening during the week of the event to join many of your peers across Africa and beyond to listen to presentations and engage with experts and your peers in education at times of your convenience. It is a virtual event, allowing you to participate online from wherever you are, with no special software.

If you have not registered and would like to meet, discuss and engage with decision makers and stakeholders in Primary, Secondary and Vocation Education from across Africa, I would like to remind you to apply now. 

You can apply via this link: 


Registration is free to African nationals working for African institutions in the Primary, Secondary and Vocational Educational field.

The eLearning Africa Primary and Secondary Education Virtual Exchange will allow you to join our Community of Practice and meet and discuss with colleagues, stakeholders, policy makers, decision makers, educators, and providers of online learning and EdTech products, at a time when new education solutions have never been so relevant. Our online platform allows you to engage, learn and meet from the comfort of your office or home. 

You will be able to join in on live presentations and workshops as well as watch recorded sessions such as:

What kind of education do we need in a post-covid world?

Michelle Lisoos, iSchoolAfrica, South Africa

The NEW Learning Analytics for your LMS with IBNext

Mariana Lima Robson, Intelliboard, US

Tips and tools to get teens reading

Dorothy Dyer, Fundza, South Africa

Who do you train first? Developing an effective strategy for professional development

Michelle Selinger, ConsultEdu, UK

The impact of eLearning for rural Ugandan Youth

Isabella Ajio, Fund for Innovation and Transformation, Uganda

Accessing quality education and ensuring relevance in rural areas

Michelle Selinger, ConsultEdu, UK

Learning Design Introduction

Ferhana Dostmohamed, FD Learning Consulting, Canada

Purpose Based Curriculum

Ferhana Dostmohamed, FD Learning Consulting, Canada

Practical ideas to teach remotely effectively to enhance teaching and learning

Karen Walstra, Evolvle School, South Africa

Using computational thinking, more than just coding, to inspire learning in all students

Karen Walstra, Evolvle School, South Africa

And many more …

This event highlights the initiatives and tools available to enable teachers and schools to continue to deliver education and engage with their students. It features solutions which serve both students’ and teachers’ needs, enhance learning and ensure quality education. It allows practitioners and policy makers to share challenges they have encountered and good practices they have introduced. 

Apply today to join us at the eLearning Africa Primary and Secondary Education Virtual Exchange, which combines video discussions and text chats on a one-on-one basis, live sessions and workshops, community discussion threads, virtual meet-ups, informal networking spaces, on-demand webinars and many other forms of engagement to allow you to engage with your peers and the experts. 

If you would like to give a presentation or join as a partner, contact us via info@elearning-africa.com

Rebecca Stromeyer
eLearning Africa CEO & Founder

Last modified: Thursday, 3 June 2021, 7:29 PM