Mission, Vision & Goals


  • LatinCALL is an international association that fosters the effective teaching and learning of languages assisted by technologies in diverse and multilingual contexts of Latin America.
  • LatinCALL seeks to empower educators, stakeholders and the educational community in general, to engage meaningfully with technologies and promote excellence in language learning, research, and teaching practice.


  • LatinCALL envisions leading and promoting the effective teaching and learning of languages assisted by technologies in the region, by building liaisons among those involved in education, both nationally and internationally, and by establishing connections with varied CALL organizations in the world.
  • LatinCALL expects to be recognized as an authority for continuous professional development of language teachers and practitioners that use technologies in Latin America, and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and networking among professionals.


  • LatinCALL pursues to  foster bonds in Latin America to advance in community and capacity building identifying common-interest goals among the members.
  • To socialize opportunities for carrying out research, development, and practice on the use of cutting-edge technologies for enhancing language learning and teaching.
  • To facilitate knowledge transfer and the sharing of resources.
  • To disseminate technologically enhanced methodologies for foreign language teaching and learning.
  • To collaborate for the sharing and re-use of language learning digital materials.
  • To transfer know-how from more developed teaching and learning environments to those with fewer resources in the region.

Strategic Goals

  • To establish LatinCALL as one of the leading authorities in computer-assisted language learning in the region.

  • To gather CALL practitioners and researchers in the region.

  • To provide professional development for CALL practitioners.  

  • To lead and advocate for good and ethical CALL practices to external stakeholders.

  • To partner and collaborate with other entities to further the CALL mission.

  • To increase membership value.

  • To attain and maintain financial stability.

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